Branko Brakus

I will write this review in two parts, one covering the panels we chose to install and the other the company that installed them.

Firstly regarding the PV panels.  We opted for the SunPower panels (with a Solar Edge inverter), as we were familiar with them due to having them installed on our previous property back in the UK (installed in September 2013) and they performed as advertised, if not better.  The energy company repeatedly asked for confirmation of our PV meter reading that we submitted to them every three months as was required along with photographic evidence. They could not believe that our SunPower PV panels were capable of generating that much energy (they were comparing it with other generic panels that were being used in the UK). Unfortunately we were unable to take them with us to Poland and had to purchase new panels and chose the SunPower panels (along with the Solar Edge inverter) again without hesitation. What makes the SunPower panels rise above the others in my opinion is that they continue to generate energy even in low light conditions when others would call it a day (pardon the pun).

Moving on to the second part regarding the chosen installers SunSol based in Gdansk. When we approached them (and we approached a few) to enquire about the products available we found them extremely informative and helpful, without being overbearing and pushy, which was a plus to me. I was a tad cheeky as I did not mention that I was already familiar with PV panels so was intrigued as to what they had to say. They knew there stuff and seemed very passionate not just about PV energy but about other alternative renewable and environmentally friendly energy product and technology. They guided us step by step through the process involved in installing the PV system in Poland, which was slightly different to the UK. Also customer care and satisfaction were just as important to SunSol as the products they were supplying and installing. The whole process was very smooth and stress free as I was unfamiliar with the way things were done in Poland, especially as they spoke English as well (my Polish is very limited). We plan to develop our PV system further and will be using SunSol’s services again without a second thought.

To conclude, in my experience I believe you cannot go wrong with using SunSol to purchase your PV panels and having them install it and you cannot also go wrong with choosing SunPower panels. I take my hat off to both SunSol and SunPower for both providing a first class service and a first class product.

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