Photovoltaic panels

Panel fotowoltaiczny

Solar panels - Most photovoltaic panels are produced based on silicon. Less popular are the solar panels in thin-film technology. For use in household and big installations we use photovoltaic solar cells mostly from 250 Wp to 300 Wp range. Standard solar panels have between 10 and 12 years product warranty and 25 years on power output.



  Among them there are:


Ogniwo monokrystaliczne

Monocrystalline photovoltaic panels – May have slightly higher efficiency than polycrystalline panels, which translates into less space needed to install the same power. They are made from a single block of crystal.



Ogniwo Polikrystaliczne

Polycrystalline photovoltaic panels - cheaper alternative to monocrystalline panels, with slightly lower performance. Made with a compressed block of silicon.




Ogniwo amorficzne

Amorphous panels (thin film) - The cheapest PV technology is characterized by low weight of their own, are flexible hence do not need reinforcing frame. The disadvantage is the large area required to achieve the same output power as in the case of silicon technology.


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