Profits from your system

The main advantages of photovoltaic systems are:


10 lat gwarancji na panele fotowoltaiczne

Warranty. Lifespan of photovoltaic panels is 25-35 years. The warranty on the solar panel, depending on the manufacturer covers a period of 10-12 years, and the warranty on power output is 25-30 years.


Durability. Solar panels are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions (such as hail) through the use of tempered glass, EVA protective foil and aluminum frame stiffening whole.



Savings. Solar installation to protect against frequent increases in electricity prices. In recent years, electricity prices increased on average by 5% per year. Planned costly modernization of the Polish energy sector will further increase bills.


Protection of the environment. Photovoltaic system as a renewable energy source does not generate air pollution (zero emissions of greenhouse gases). After a period of use of panels are recyclable.


Security. Overvoltage protection in the inverter and automatic shut off when it detects current minimum potential difference guarantee the safety of the entire system.



Self. Photovoltaic system is self-service. However, the recommended periodic maintenance inspections to maintain the maximum power of the system.


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