Photovoltaic systems

A significant development of photovoltaics, we see in the last decade, is associated with the improvement of technology and the significant drop in the cost of solar panels and inverters. This allows photovoltaic systems to become mainstream source of energy, and their profitability continues to grow.

Photovoltaic systems can be divided into autonomous and network conected. Below we will try to answer basic questions in the field of photovoltaics and present the benefits of owning a solar system.


How does it works

Jak Działa System Fotowoltaiczny?

Learn how the photovoltaic system works. Check out the technology - panels mono-and polycrystalline, thin-film technology and solar inverters properties.


On Grid systems

System fotowoltaiczny sieciowy (on-grid)

Photovoltaic System (on-grid) is the solution for lowering energy costs. It also allows to profit from the resale of electricity produced to the public network.


Off Grid systems


System fotowoltaiczny autonomiczny (off-grid)

Stand-alone photovoltaic system is designed for people who do not have the ability to connect your home or electrical system to the public network. Stand-alone photovoltaic systems are currently the most reliable way to get the current in the off-grid systems.



Profits from your system

Zalety z systemu fotowoltaicznego

Photovoltaic system is a durable, long-term investment that will protect you from increases in electricity prices, while contributing to the protection of our environment.




Pytania o system solarny

Looking for answers to your questions about photovoltaics? Here you will find information about the viability of the system, types of inverters, solar battery types, the most favorable positions of the system or the annual electricity production of the solar system.





Photovoltaic panels

Panele fotowoltaiczne

Types of photovoltaic panels from monocrystalline, polycrystalline to thin-film. See advantages and characteristics of each one of them.




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